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KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial

by Effswell

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[Spoken: Alien] Coordinates: UNKNOWN From the Mighty O to the Mighty OH KastAways Correlate Coronate Yeah, Ugh, And now its time to celebrate [Verse 1: Effswell] The one you all thought passed away From Latter Days I'm singing a song for you like Hathaway This KastAway Has more for the people than sacred math today Joint tip to my Bic Shit's lit like my ratchets say! I could go On & On but I'ma just stop right thurr Visit the Land of Kush Yoga to calm my nerves My people are bleeding for reasons Demons will keep you from seeing Beavis & Jesus are schemin' Killing and calling us "heathens"? UGH.... Here comes the calm & hush Simple reassurance like my woman's touch OH, my vibe's attracting my tribe (riiiiight?) And my rhyme's attached to my life Even as a youngin' I knew I was onto something By wanting to be ME FUCK being "like Mike" So here I stand, in spite of all odds Extra-Celestial god inspired by gods [Chorus: Effswell] I know what I know And what I know is just for me Knowledge of Self returned And up & turned me to a G Before I be a slave You'll be buried in a grave And I'll go home to my family Yeah, I'll go home to my family, say... I know what I know And what I know is just for me Knowledge of Self returned And up & turned me to a G Before I be a slave You'll be buried in a grave And I'll go home to my family And be free [Verse 2: Effswell] Every single time I Bust a rhyme, I Flip into this mode where I start ghostin' on these busters No Slimer That line will not apply if Nineteen-Ninety Nine was The year you took the slide out of su madre's V-gina (HA!) But I digress, lets put this show on the road All of my "heathens" are at peace And we're just blowing our smoke Try any one of us, you runner-up Unanimous vote And watch that peace turn to a "piece" And yeah, you gotta go All of my lovers and all others? You're invited to stay Violins and smiles tend to keep the violence at bay Brightly lit from Beyond Ain't no light where I pray I daydream at night to fight the nightmares of my day That's why I could give a damn who you go so hard to impress Rather get the contact number from an Empress Call her up and WHAT? Yup! Impregnate a Princess While everyone I know dies cause they haven't lived yet ...You the shit yet? [Chorus] [Instrumental]
aGemini 03:20
[Spoken: Ms Lauryn Hill] If I could tell you that I was totally unprepared; I can't prepare anything because I always just -- I just drop it. 'Cause it's just too cerebral... And what I'm feeling in here, I have just all this ball of energy inside; And when you know, it just doesn't work with my intellectual mind. The two are like *CRASH* You know So I, either -- one has to take control: Either I suppress that spirit Or I suppress my brain [Verse: Effswell] (I know, I know) Uh-huh, Take a hit... Isolated I sit No rudeness intended to women or children Or who I offend when I spit When I go off, acid 'cause its so raw Unprotected, no love for promoters when they low-ball Unlcle Tom Brokaws The headline is you show off Use my name just to gain a couple groupie hoes? Naw. Blank Potato Head: I will have no parts "Mr. Scrooge, its Christmas... have a heart!" I am sorry but I'd rather not I'm looking at the world and these crabs cannot see past the block I never was understood by my own kind Either I'm late or way ahead of my own time I hate what rap does, and yet I still rhyme My circle's on the map, Meridian & we're so prime The strong survive & so my only goal's to outlast My youth went fast, lets talk about that Respected curfew, streetlights I wasn't out past Social misfit slash inner-city outcast Plus, I wasn't hard enough to be a hood But I was smart enough, my parents had me reading good I was a teen before I had my first pair of Nikes Back in the ghetto, all the kids thought I was very white "Why you sound so proper when you talk, BRO?" "And where you from? Were you born on a golf course?" What I said then and what they did not know Is "Lil Negro, you grow & we all grow" You make it to the top & we all go The same rule applies to an early grave also It's all so up to us to pick the way I was once born, will die, but I live today It's all so up to us to pick the way I was once born, will die. I live. Today. [Spoken: Ms Lauryn Hill] I don't have an American Dream. I have a Dream; Because my Dream relates to the entire world. You know, and to be honest with you, I mean that is that the entire world find -- have salvation, That the entire world have joy, That the entire world know God. For me to limit that and say that's an "American Dream", that would be far too limiting. That's a Dream for this entire world. I can sing songs about Love, I can sing songs about me; And those people will enjoy those songs. But when they're desperately, desperately in need of help, What will my music do? ...Usually works out the best when I suppress, And not kill, not destroy, but just suppress; Allow my spirit to navigate the rest of my devices Instead of allowing those things to have control over my spirit Because, you know... I have a considerable amount of confidence, but its not in me. It's the work that God's doing in me That makes me confident.
[Verse 1: Effswell] First round A stranger & I She has no clue how cool Tonight's bout to be Dinner, a movie & some wine, baby I'm doing fine Maybe I'm bout to trade in The P For some V If you're out here like I'm out here You don't feel what you don't know But when it hits, its so hard That's FO real! Since you're outchere like I'm out here We don't win if we won't go So can I date like you're Hill' with no Bill And if elected [Chorus] I'll make the girl disappear I'll make the girl disappear with a smile & hello I'll make the roof disappear I'll make the roof disappear so the breeze & she can blow I'll put the sound in your ear I'll put the sound in your ear that'll feel like vacation And if you're headed to the store Here's twenty dollars for some brews You can use my spaceship [Verse 2: Effswell] SECOND ROUND Shawty knows I'm playing for keeps 'Cause I go long when I'm strong Diction so avant-garde, kitten Drowned in a pool by the beach Its SO deep! That's when I tried to cut it up like coupon clippings on Sunday She said "Be good! You'll get it one day!" Then my rabbit sprang fat from a hat then SPLAT on her necklace ...and for my next trick! [Chorus] [Verse 3: Effswell] Ooh, they never shoulda gave you, gave you Money, you slave, you Django wannabe BITCH If you knew you were a slave you'd cling to Massa, who'd hang you in a minute 'cause he's jealous bout his wench You'd never runaway to escape who Wants to annihilate you Simply 'cause you're too sweet to resist A couple trips, a couple dollars, and a hoe who gives you holler That's the only reason you wanna be rich? Too many wrong guys stuntin' Its a long time comin' since Cooke said "Change Gon' Come" They'd rather be cowardly Nobody in the Galaxy must've listened to a word Sam sung Meanwhile these rappers are false-flagging, Trigger jam, homie you can't bang Spittin' recycled lines, bitter 'cause you can't sing Not me, I'ma do the damn thang On a make it while you fake it campaign Nicknamed Dave Blaine [Chorus 2x]
[Verse 1: Effswell] I stopped sleeping at night a week ago this Wednesday Daydreamed I would master splinters Gee, Sensei Wood master made my fire burn bright She chewed your dude like food What a true termite As I hit the turnpike Turns out I'm about that thing kids describe as "that life" Nothing on my head, something's on my mind Like why are 1 in 3 guys who look like I doing time? And the numbers don't lie So if you got 2 and I got 2 then why you hummin' on mine? I won't apologize for being so outspoken And you won't get no burn in my arcade without a token M.K. Olsen M.K. Ultra's got your mind in holdin' Booking you for questionin' And you never question whether you'd do better ingesting a bowl of medicine? Oh no, you'd rather see your Reverend But ummmm, riddle me this: If not for profit, would your church even exist? SHIT Looking dapper Fishing for red snapper Point it out, if she's attractive I'll get at her Groceries are fragile, I'll go gentile as I bag her Connections happen fast, no joke I've never been a lagger Started onstage as a King Center tapper I was Savion Glover magnified by family matters Son of a pastor, puffin' on greener pastures And that, Sir, is how you make a Singer-SongRapper Rather, my life was just preparation for this Hater butt hurt, they're taking Preparation for it But in me they'll invest or they'll ignore it 'Cause shit, Lil Bitch, I gotta hit the road Too many asking when the tour is Gorgeous gets gored in my fortress I tattoo two chicks like a whore's rib Swagger like that Andy Milanor-kid (Just one more thing) Don't ask me what a feature costs, you couldn't afford it AAAHHHHHHH [Spoken: Kanye West] So what I wanna explain to everybody out there is like... I make music, I can do it; But I shouldn't be limited to only one place of creativity And its literally only like one or two or three reasons Why I haven't been able to break that down [Interviewer] But why would you feel that you are...? Because, and I'm just try---- [Kanye West] No, that's the thing that you guys don't understand. You guys don't understand When I say "Clean water was only served to the fairer-skinned" What I'm saying is, we're making product with chitlins. T-SHIRTS! That's the most we can make! T-shirts. We can have our best perspective... on t-shirts. But if it's anything else? Your Truman Show boat is hitting the wall.
Too Dope 02:42 video
[Verse 1: Effswell] Okay now take this to the brain Or better yet, a vein No diamonds in my pendant so I'm always off the chain I don't claim to be different ever since that was the same thing To look just like the next mane, then call him a lame Serving Herman Cain to these unsuspecting Janes A space on the highway does not give you a lane So I just do it my way Praying for the day great names are recited alongside of Joseph A Okay, and hey now I'm not daydreaming 'bout someday No, I'm on the tarmac now Model Face on the runway Touch down any given Sunday Folks take notes when I say flows, yay Even when I come plain I mean normal: the opposite of flashy Speaking formal: the opposite of ashy To be cordial, the only time you'd pass me Is if you caught a vocab and ride out vastly, I'm too dope [Chorus: Effswell] It's Too Dope Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope I'll get some sleep as long as you don't Don't. Be-lieve. That. Hoax. Truthfully I'm being myself Self, Self, Self, Self And every one of us is Too Dope Dope, Dope, We're Too Dope, You know [Verse 2: Effswell] Shorty wanna roll wit' a G But since there's a G deficiency Shorty's rollin with me! "Are you in Good Hands?" Thats my AllState voice What a truly good man, got her cupcake moist My Genie went lamp til she rubbed that boy Now its "OOOWEEE GOT DAMN" & she LOVES that boy (boy) And I'm so sarcastic A sarcophagus is just a casket So I... Enter the tomb of her womb and Quiddich in that witch without a broom KABOOM I take hand jobbies from hotties that want handouts Blow jobbies from those who wanna blow Got Poon-jabi From a kama sutra hotty Outta Calcutta Cut her til the cows comin' home It was too dope... [Chorus 2x]
[Chorus: T Mattox] I don't wanna go to the club No toe-to-toe with a thug Just want to roll one And I don't even hear you But I will do I'll do my thing [Verse 1: Effswell] Look Ma! I'm Barry Sanders off the handoff Lion running back before Simba was the man, ya'll Smoking like I'm Gandalf's Grandpa Hell naw There he goes again talkin' that WIZ shit I'm on the lookout for the GODS (Aw!) Me & seven sisters had a cookout in the stars I swear to God ...okay to Bob But Bob would tell you God would not exist without us all And twice versa Dig it? Visa cards reverse the worry lines inside department stores on Christmas When I was a kid this shit was different Instagram did not exist, we had minimalism Some self-hater called me 'Simpin' But Pimp, I'm gettin' kitty over here There ain't no women in prison! The Mothership is SO exquisite Her leather's so soft I go off on Venusians & visit The cliff & the ridge, Cross the brook on the bridge And get splashed by her waves as I eject my whip All because I'm faded off the smoke inside this bubble, man Joint in my right, vapor bag in my other hand (On the other hand...) [Chorus] [Verse 2: QB SelfMade] Stressed all day, I need a smoke break Hit the weed man up, need that fire steady blazin' Laid back in a cloud of amazement Got that sticky icky green, call it Sour Deez Life becomes a dream when you climbing trees Rolled up in a palma leaf Two and out & then proceed Rotation small, only pass it to my family The ones right left of me Figured out a plan how I keep it coming back to me Switched up the Pedigree, kept my dogs next to me Loyalty for my team and loyalty from my team It's QB! So I grab some papers when I'm smoking with Effswell Strange clouds affiliated with that strong smell Conversations 'bout pussy money and weed here A nigga been rollin' while still, no Sprewell's Every time I take a hit of this weed I'm so gone Conversation dull, zone out, yeah I'm so wrong Every time I take a hit of this weed I'm so gone Conversation dull, zone out, yeah I'm so wrong Break down another shell, roll up another L Get your smoke on, get your smoke on Break down another shell, roll up another L Get your smoke on, get your smoke on [Chorus] [Verse 3: T Mattox Smoky Intermission] [Instrumental Outro]
[Verse 1: Effswell] I had to let her go I had to let her leave She's messin' round with them She's having sex with me I'm not the one at all To share the things I love I know one thing for sure This wedding ring's a dud I had to let her go I had to let her leave My Baby doesn't know What she brought home to me I had to let it burn Like Usher used to sing I had to go see the doctor Prescription with some cream Oh no, no... [Verse 2] You were supposed to be my chum like shark food Made you my angel, halo Shoulda came with a harp, too! Loving you was such a smart move That is until that time that you'd start to Offer your lady parts in a dark room, no guard Go hard to the point like darts do But all the while that you're knowing me It blows me that you're never really showing me your heart too "And now I'm sleeping with a stranger!" Said the dog bout the sheep to the lamb that was new to the manger And this is not anger, and there was no unwanted fetus, so Baby, why the coat hanger? You're saying you want to abort this Yeah, life was dificil but we were doing gorgeous My love orbits a short list And you can make my heartstrings ring, but you'd rather go cordless? Or, its... You're sick of putting 2 & 2 together just to turn around and forfeit, Miss! What are you running from? The braces fell off your legs and I got dumped. Gumped. Forrest. If you messed up, I get it. You cheated? Admit it. Just be the bigger person, 'cause I'm being the biggest Shit, falling in Love is bucket listed But we can't dead our differences until we kick it ...The bucket, that is Well fuck it, you trick I fucked up and slipped End up in a ditch Talkin' bout my olllllllllllld Love My Old Love. [Refrain: Effswell] I had to let her go I had to let her leave My baby doesn't know How much she means to me [Spoken: Effswell] From the beggining... I knew it was the 9th inning, I knew we both were sinning; Aside from playful licking, we ain't have a single lick of business. That was the reality at least I was living credit card to credit card But you know what? I would do my last drug with that girl, I would give my last hug to that girl. But right now all I wanna do is give these brass knucks to that girl I don't give 2 fast fucks about that girl
[Verse 1: JoSexy] Met a bitch on High Street, she was mad cute Said she like my gauges and my Yoshi tattoo A shallow hoe, I asked her name and she said Desireé I'm like "Desire, bitch? We need to find a place to lay!" We headed to my place, by then it's gettin' kinda late She still don't get it so I had to give it to her straight Well Desireé I've got a Desireé to check your résumé A sorta confirmation you can make me levitate Told her I'm a mack, I be pimpin' hoes So she went down South like Tippin' 4's Got my jollies and the bitch just froze 'Cause I got it in her ears, eyes, mouth and nose I'll call her back if she go ham enough She bend it over, buss it wide, but for that she'll need some stamina She questioned if a nigga man enough I put it in, pumped twice, and by then that bitch was standin' up (Standin' up) [Chorus: T Mattox] I tell these East Coast freaks (freaks, freaks) Same thing I tell these West Coast pros (pros, pros, pros) I like what's in your Dirty South blouse (blouse, blouse, blouse) I know you want it Girl, you know you wanna top me off (Me off, me off, me off, me off) You love to top me off (Me off, me off, me off, me off) You wanna to top me off (Off, off, off, off!) You Love to top me I know you want it Girl you know you wanna top me... [Verse 2: Effswell] Mmm-hmmmm! Ready or not, I'm back up like reversal Fast life, last ride, no hearse so I'ma put this beat in the dirt, yo And I never gave a fuuuu--- Just broke a curse, Bro! I'm prophetic You are pathetic Cannot blame you 'cause its in your genetics My life's a gamble, so glad Mommy betted Spelling bee champ too, King of Phonetics A boy, I dance like a B-Boy C boy, if I ever was a D-boy I'd serve ladies with that E, boy 'Til they wanna F with a G on freak roids Before you're hopped up on shots and pills My brain's got a lot to spill Plus a cop to kill, a hot spot to fill Like The Devil's new crib in Pradaville [Chorus] [Verse 3: Effswell] I am... not apologetic for talking aggressive Low blood pressure, won't need no stressin' Don't shoot guns won't be no medic If you get gassed, you'll be unleaded Chickens get breaded, your goose got cooked Salty was your look so you got shook Reverse my autobiographical book I'm a singer turned rapper turned king gone crook [Chorus]


released August 27, 2016


all rights reserved



Effswell Columbus, Ohio

After 7 years of working as the lead vocalist of a Midwestern cover band, Effswell (born Joseph A. Cross) continues to blaze a trail with many upcoming solo releases.

Effswell’s OutKast-homage project, "KastAways: The Extra-Celestial" landed in August 2016, followed by 2019's "Won Dream Free(dom)style" & “African American Horror Story”. With a new EP now in the works, Effswell plans to FLY!
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