[Spoken: Ms Lauryn Hill]
If I could tell you that I was totally unprepared;
I can't prepare anything because I always just -- I just drop it.

'Cause it's just too cerebral...
And what I'm feeling in here, I have just all this ball of energy inside;
And when you know, it just doesn't work with my intellectual mind.
The two are like *CRASH*

You know
So I, either -- one has to take control:
Either I suppress that spirit
Or I suppress my brain

[Verse: Effswell]
(I know, I know)
Take a hit... Isolated I sit
No rudeness intended to women or children
Or who I offend when I spit
When I go off, acid 'cause its so raw
Unprotected, no love for promoters when they low-ball
Unlcle Tom Brokaws
The headline is you show off
Use my name just to gain a couple groupie hoes? Naw.
Blank Potato Head: I will have no parts
"Mr. Scrooge, its Christmas... have a heart!"
I am sorry but I'd rather not
I'm looking at the world and these crabs cannot see past the block
I never was understood by my own kind
Either I'm late or way ahead of my own time
I hate what rap does, and yet I still rhyme
My circle's on the map, Meridian & we're so prime
The strong survive & so my only goal's to outlast
My youth went fast, lets talk about that
Respected curfew, streetlights I wasn't out past
Social misfit slash inner-city outcast
Plus, I wasn't hard enough to be a hood
But I was smart enough, my parents had me reading good
I was a teen before I had my first pair of Nikes
Back in the ghetto, all the kids thought I was very white
"Why you sound so proper when you talk, BRO?"
"And where you from? Were you born on a golf course?"
What I said then and what they did not know
Is "Lil Negro, you grow & we all grow"
You make it to the top & we all go
The same rule applies to an early grave also
It's all so up to us to pick the way
I was once born, will die, but I live today

It's all so up to us to pick the way
I was once born, will die. I live. Today.

[Spoken: Ms Lauryn Hill]
I don't have an American Dream.
I have a Dream;
Because my Dream relates to the entire world.

You know, and to be honest with you,
I mean that is that the entire world find -- have salvation,
That the entire world have joy,
That the entire world know God.

For me to limit that and say that's an "American Dream", that would be far too limiting.
That's a Dream for this entire world.

I can sing songs about Love,
I can sing songs about me;
And those people will enjoy those songs.
But when they're desperately, desperately in need of help,
What will my music do?

...Usually works out the best when I suppress,
And not kill, not destroy, but just suppress;
Allow my spirit to navigate the rest of my devices
Instead of allowing those things to have control over my spirit
Because, you know...
I have a considerable amount of confidence,
but its not in me.
It's the work that God's doing in me
That makes me confident.


from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial, released August 27, 2016
Original instrumental produced by Outkast.



all rights reserved



Effswell Columbus, Ohio

After 6 years of working as the lead vocalist of a Midwestern cover band, Effswell (born Joseph A. Cross) continues to blaze a trail with many upcoming solo releases.

Effswell’s OutKast-homage project, "KastAways: The Extra-Celestial" landed in August 2016, followed by 2019's "Won Dream Free(dom)style" & “African American Horror Story”. With a new EP now in the works, Effswell plans to FLY!
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