Da Heart of Glory​-​Tellin'

from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial by Effswell



[Verse 1: Effswell]
I stopped sleeping at night a week ago this Wednesday
Daydreamed I would master splinters
Gee, Sensei
Wood master made my fire burn bright
She chewed your dude like food
What a true termite
As I hit the turnpike
Turns out I'm about that thing kids describe as "that life"
Nothing on my head, something's on my mind
Like why are 1 in 3 guys who look like I doing time?
And the numbers don't lie
So if you got 2 and I got 2 then why you hummin' on mine?
I won't apologize for being so outspoken
And you won't get no burn in my arcade without a token
M.K. Olsen
M.K. Ultra's got your mind in holdin'
Booking you for questionin'
And you never question whether you'd do better ingesting a bowl of medicine?
Oh no, you'd rather see your Reverend

But ummmm, riddle me this:
If not for profit, would your church even exist?

Looking dapper
Fishing for red snapper
Point it out, if she's attractive I'll get at her
Groceries are fragile, I'll go gentile as I bag her
Connections happen fast, no joke I've never been a lagger
Started onstage as a King Center tapper
I was Savion Glover magnified by family matters
Son of a pastor, puffin' on greener pastures
And that, Sir, is how you make a Singer-SongRapper
Rather, my life was just preparation for this
Hater butt hurt, they're taking Preparation for it
But in me they'll invest or they'll ignore it
'Cause shit, Lil Bitch, I gotta hit the road
Too many asking when the tour is
Gorgeous gets gored in my fortress
I tattoo two chicks like a whore's rib
Swagger like that Andy Milanor-kid
(Just one more thing)
Don't ask me what a feature costs, you couldn't afford it

[Spoken: Kanye West]
So what I wanna explain to everybody out there is like...
I make music, I can do it;
But I shouldn't be limited to only one place of creativity
And its literally only like one or two or three reasons
Why I haven't been able to break that down

But why would you feel that you are...? Because, and I'm just try----

[Kanye West]
No, that's the thing that you guys don't understand.
You guys don't understand
When I say "Clean water was only served to the fairer-skinned"
What I'm saying is, we're making product with chitlins.
T-SHIRTS! That's the most we can make! T-shirts.
We can have our best perspective... on t-shirts.
But if it's anything else?
Your Truman Show boat is hitting the wall.


from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial, released August 27, 2016
Original instrumental produced by Mr DJ.



all rights reserved



Effswell Columbus, Ohio

After 6 years of working as the lead vocalist of a Midwestern cover band, Effswell (born Joseph A. Cross) continues to blaze a trail with many upcoming solo releases.

Effswell’s OutKast-homage project, "KastAways: The Extra-Celestial" landed in August 2016, followed by 2019's "Won Dream Free(dom)style" & “African American Horror Story”. With a new EP now in the works, Effswell plans to FLY!
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