She Lives in My Past

from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial by Effswell



[Verse 1: Effswell]
I had to let her go
I had to let her leave
She's messin' round with them
She's having sex with me
I'm not the one at all
To share the things I love
I know one thing for sure
This wedding ring's a dud

I had to let her go
I had to let her leave
My Baby doesn't know
What she brought home to me
I had to let it burn
Like Usher used to sing
I had to go see the doctor
Prescription with some cream
Oh no, no...

[Verse 2]
You were supposed to be my chum like shark food
Made you my angel, halo
Shoulda came with a harp, too!
Loving you was such a smart move
That is until that time that you'd start to
Offer your lady parts in a dark room, no guard
Go hard to the point like darts do
But all the while that you're knowing me
It blows me that you're never really showing me your heart too
"And now I'm sleeping with a stranger!"
Said the dog bout the sheep to the lamb that was new to the manger
And this is not anger, and there was no unwanted fetus, so
Baby, why the coat hanger?
You're saying you want to abort this
Yeah, life was dificil but we were doing gorgeous
My love orbits a short list
And you can make my heartstrings ring, but you'd rather go cordless?
Or, its...
You're sick of putting 2 & 2 together just to turn around and forfeit, Miss!
What are you running from?
The braces fell off your legs and I got dumped. Gumped. Forrest.
If you messed up, I get it.
You cheated? Admit it.
Just be the bigger person, 'cause I'm being the biggest
Shit, falling in Love is bucket listed
But we can't dead our differences until we kick it

...The bucket, that is
Well fuck it, you trick
I fucked up and slipped
End up in a ditch
Talkin' bout my olllllllllllld Love
My Old Love.

[Refrain: Effswell]
I had to let her go
I had to let her leave
My baby doesn't know
How much she means to me

[Spoken: Effswell]
From the beggining...
I knew it was the 9th inning,
I knew we both were sinning;
Aside from playful licking, we ain't have a single lick of business.
That was the reality at least
I was living credit card to credit card
But you know what?
I would do my last drug with that girl,
I would give my last hug to that girl.
But right now all I wanna do is give these brass knucks to that girl
I don't give 2 fast fucks about that girl


from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial, released August 27, 2016
Original instrumental produced by André 3000.



all rights reserved



Effswell Columbus, Ohio

After 6 years of working as the lead vocalist of a Midwestern cover band, Effswell (born Joseph A. Cross) continues to blaze a trail with many upcoming solo releases.

Effswell’s OutKast-homage project, "KastAways: The Extra-Celestial" landed in August 2016, followed by 2019's "Won Dream Free(dom)style" & “African American Horror Story”. With a new EP now in the works, Effswell plans to FLY!
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