[Verse 1: Effswell]
Okay now take this to the brain
Or better yet, a vein
No diamonds in my pendant so I'm always off the chain
I don't claim to be different ever since that was the same thing
To look just like the next mane, then call him a lame
Serving Herman Cain to these unsuspecting Janes
A space on the highway does not give you a lane
So I just do it my way
Praying for the day great names are recited alongside of Joseph A
Okay, and hey now I'm not daydreaming 'bout someday
No, I'm on the tarmac now
Model Face on the runway
Touch down any given Sunday
Folks take notes when I say flows, yay
Even when I come plain
I mean normal: the opposite of flashy
Speaking formal: the opposite of ashy
To be cordial, the only time you'd pass me
Is if you caught a vocab and ride out vastly, I'm too dope

[Chorus: Effswell]
It's Too Dope
Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope
I'll get some sleep as long as you don't
Don't. Be-lieve. That. Hoax.
Truthfully I'm being myself
Self, Self, Self, Self
And every one of us is Too Dope
Dope, Dope, We're Too Dope, You know

[Verse 2: Effswell]
Shorty wanna roll wit' a G
But since there's a G deficiency
Shorty's rollin with me!
"Are you in Good Hands?" Thats my AllState voice
What a truly good man, got her cupcake moist
My Genie went lamp til she rubbed that boy
& she LOVES that boy (boy)
And I'm so sarcastic
A sarcophagus is just a casket
So I... Enter the tomb of her womb and
Quiddich in that witch without a broom
I take hand jobbies from hotties that want handouts
Blow jobbies from those who wanna blow
Got Poon-jabi
From a kama sutra hotty
Outta Calcutta
Cut her til the cows comin' home
It was too dope...

[Chorus 2x]


from KastAways: The Extra​-​Celestial, released August 27, 2016
Original instrumental produced by Organized Noize.



all rights reserved



Effswell Columbus, Ohio

After 6 years of working as the lead vocalist of a Midwestern cover band, Effswell (born Joseph A. Cross) continues to blaze a trail with many upcoming solo releases.

Effswell’s OutKast-homage project, "KastAways: The Extra-Celestial" landed in August 2016, followed by 2019's "Won Dream Free(dom)style" & “African American Horror Story”. With a new EP now in the works, Effswell plans to FLY!
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